New Angel miniature in our Onlineshop!

Fr. 03.04.2020 - 19:00

Dear Rapture fans,

We are glad to announce that we have our very first Angel miniature ready for sale!

The next event-based opening of our onlineshop was scheduled for the Red Lion Con 2020 this weekend, and later during the MelBel Convention in May. As communicated earlier, both events were postponed due to the current situation.

Many of you planned to attend these events and while their postponement is absolutely reasonable and understandable, we still want you to have the chance to get your hands on our miniatures!

This is why we decided to open our Onlineshop from April 3rd until May 4th!

It will be opened for a whole month this time and we are glad and proud to offer you this new miniature for the Angels' faction:

Morael, the angel of fear!

Also: the first customers to order in our shop will receive this special 40mm acrylic New World Order coin while stocks last!

We wish you and your families all the best and stay healthy!

Your Gravity Bay Team

The current situation - stay safe!

Mo. 23.03.2020 - 15:30

Dear Rapture fans,

the Covid-19 pandemic is shutting down our world more and more. While the measures, which are taken by our governments are reasonable and necessary, they do and will have an impact on our mutual hobby Tabletop and Skirmish Wargaming, not to mention our lives in general.

The most important thing right now is the health and safety of you - our fans, your friends and families and also of our own team and our friends and families. So please stick to reason, keep yourself in a secure environment, stay home whenever possible and minimize any social contacts. Help your local hospital staff and #flattenthecurve!

With more and more events and fairs are cancelled or postponed all over the world, we are also affected by it. Our next event, the Red Lion Con in Germany, which we planned to attend in the beginning of April 2020 is postponed as well. The next events are not certain and the situation can change every day. We will continue to work from home (which is what we do anyway 😃) to not delay our goals, so we can all enjoy life and play games when this pandemic is over and everyone is healthy again!

We will keep you updated as usual here in our Newsletter and on our social media.

For now, stay safe and healthy!

All the best wishes,

Your Gravity Bay Team

A year filled with events!

Tue. 24.02.2020 - 18:00

Hello everybody!

The year has hardly begun and we can already state that it is going to be a very eventful one!

We have planned to visit a large number of conventions to increase the awareness of Rapture and finally get the project off to a successful launch on Kickstarter.

The prelude was made at the Erlanger Gamersdays in our hometown on 25th and 26th of January, where we could already inspire quite some hobbyists.

Generic placeholder image

Shortly thereafter we visited the Tactica 2020 from February 15th to 16th.

The enthusiasm we experienced there brought our motivation up to full speed, so we decided to add another event to our schedule:

Generic placeholder image

From April 4th to 5th, we will attend the Red Lion Games Convention 2020. There we hope to meet a lot of new Rapture-enthusiasts, besides many already-known faces.

Generic placeholder image

Lastly, just one month after, we are heading towards the MelBel Convention 2020 from Mai 2nd to 3rd.

We are very confident that together with all of you we will create a solid basis for the Kickstarter, which will start in the 3rd / 4th quarter of this year!

Your Gravity Bay Team

Merry Christmas!!

Tue. 24.12.2019 - 18:00

Generic placeholder image

Hello everybody!

Christmas is here! Again!

Even though it seems that this year flew by in a blink of an eye, we achieved a lot of amazing things on our tabletop game Rapture and the whole Rapture Universe itself.

We published the name of our tabletop game Rapture and the first chapter of the story along with it. The story of the Rapture Universe is massive already and extremely important to us. We were really happy to share the first bits of it with you! In case you missed it, head over to our webpage and read it!

English version

German version

Also this year, the production of the first 3 starter sets of the factions Angels, Atlantis and New World Order were finished and we were even able to make an extra batch of miniatures, which already have found a way into the homes of the very first happy customers! That makes us extremely proud that we were able to fulfill our own goal to finish the first batches of miniatures and clear the production tasks, before heading on to Kickstarter.

With Spiel 2019 in October we were present at our very first fair with Rapture, where some of you have already had the chance to see and feel how Rapture will look and play. Thank you all for your feedback and your kind words!

The rulebook is in the final stage and will be finished early 2020. We can’t wait for the very first reviews of our still young tabletop project to come in!

After the reviews even more people will have the opportunity to see, what Rapture is all about and will maybe have a more confident feeling supporting us on Kickstarter! :D

Speaking of which, there have been delays in the creation of the production process, but this is it, the Kickstarter campaign will come 2020! And we think this will be a good year to launch something new! 😃 You can always help us to spread the word, we will appreciate this very much!

Also, in case you haven’t done so already, sign up for our newsletter to stay updated and get the information first-hand!

The year 2020 will be thrilling and we are looking forward to it very much!

We here at Gravity Bay wish you and your families Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2020!

Exclusive interview in the new Tabletop Insider!

Tue. 27.08.2019 - 12:00

Generic placeholder image

We and our game Rapture are featured in the upcoming german magazine Tabletop Insider with an exclusive interview!

Here you can find the publisher of the magazine: Tabletop Insider

Enjoy reading!

Your Gravity Bay Team

Visit us at Spiel 2019!

Tue. 27.08.2019 - 12:00

Generic placeholder image

We are happy to announce that we will be present as exhibitors at the Spiel 2019 fair in Essen, Germany!

Visit us in hall 6 at our booth 6K115, October 24th-27th!

Come by, have a chat with us and play a round of Rapture!

We are looking forward to all of you!

Your Gravity Bay Team


Mon. 15.07.2019 - 19:30

Generic placeholder image

We’re happy to announce the name of our skirmish wargame! All future social media posts about our game and the Rapture universe can be tagged with the hashtag #rapturethegame.

But just a name without any context is not really that meaningful – which is why the name is not the only thing we’re publishing today!

The prologue of our story, in which two old friends meet and talk about the recent events, is also now online.
You can find out more about the setting of the Rapture universe and also get an insight into the development of events under the “Story” tab on our website! We’ll share the rest of the story with you over time as we add new content.
We really hope you enjoy reading the prologue!

The story is available in both English and German:

English version

German version

By the way, we’ve given our homepage a little facelift and you can now subscribe to our e-mail newsletter! This monthly newsletter will keep you up to date with Rapture news and development insights. Here’s the direct link to it:


Did you enjoy the first part of the story? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share your thoughts!

Your Gravity Bay Team

Production update

Sun. 24.02.2019 - 19:45

Hello everybody!

Since we want you to be updated on our project regurarly, we would like to tell you today, how things are going here at our small company

As mentioned in our Christmas/New Year’s post, we are planning our Kickstarter campaign this year. Our big premise here is, that we don’t want to launch a campaign around some prototype stage of our game. We put a lot of effort in to develop a fully finished product you will all have fun playing, before going live on Kickstarter. Graphic layout or something like that might change over time, but the game balancing, the miniature design and the feeling of playing our game is a part, where we are not willing to take any compromises in terms of quality.

That is why we are already producing finished miniatures of our first factions in small batches. Doing this, we will soon have a considerate amount of starters for hand-picked “beta testers” and blogs. By developing our game in the past 5 years since 2014, we already had independent players who got a chance to play our game and helped us balancing the starting factions and additional different characters to them, as well as refining the rule book according to their feedback.

By developing our game in the past 5 years since 2014, we already had independent players who got a chance to play our game and helped us balancing the starting factions and additional different characters to them, as well as refining the rule book according to their feedback.

Speaking of which, to this point, we have already ready-to-play starter packs of six different factions. Further factions are in the balancing process as of now, with already some others in the concept stage. This results in a wide variety of different factions, which will come out through the years.

The Kickstarter campaign can be seen the start, with a constant stream of content coming out after that.

For the production part, the miniatures of the starter pack of our first faction New World Order are finished. The second faction Angels and the third faction Atlantis are close behind!

We are happy to announce, that our miniatures will be painted for show-case purposes by the fantastic team of Angel Giraldez! We are overwhelmingly happy to be able to work with Angel Giraldez. The paintjobs done by him and his team are truly astonishing and in case you haven’t heard of them yet, you should definitely check out his work!

We met a lot of amazing people over the last years and are grateful for every single one of them who is working with us on our young, but ambitious project!

If you are following us on Instagram or Facebook, you already had the chance to witness the absolutely stunning work of Yedharo Models and Miniaturas Alemany on the miniatures. If not, maybe you check it out and follow us there for all the content and frequent updates!

Stay tuned for further news and keep on wargaming!

Happy Holidays!

Sat. 23.12.2018 - 20:04

Another year is coming to an end. But what a year that was! We look back at many things we achieved.

This year we left the concept table and began the production of artworks, figures and of our game overall. The next year is going to be even more exciting! We will publish the name, rules and story of our game, the Kickstarter campaign is coming up and there are more factions to be announced and shown, as well as new characters for the already known factions NWO, Angels and Atlantis.

Speaking of which, the figures of Angels and Atlantis are being sculpted and will be ready early 2019!

But for now, it is time to take a short break and enjoy the holidays with our friends and families.

We here at Gravity Bay join in saying “thank you!” and wishing you Happy Holidays, merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2019!

Article at Brückenkopf-Online

Tue. 27.11.2018 - 23:44

This year at the Spiel 2018 fair in Essen, Germany, we had the amazing opportunity to meet the editor in chief of the german skirmish wargame magazine Tabletop Insider and Brückenkopf-Online Christian Schlumpberger!

Today, Brückenkopf Online published an article featuring a sneak peak to our game, which we sure won´t keep from you! It is really exciting for us every time when new people get to know our game and we are delighted to see an already grown vivid discussion!

We would love to get in touch with all of you immediately and tell you so many things about our game and show many more characters and factions, but the time will come to do that!

One thing should be told right now, you can sure look forward to the story and the gameplay rules, which we are going to publish in the near future!

Thanks a lot to Christian for the great article and we cannot wait for the detailed report in one of the upcoming releases of the Tabletop Insider!

Follow this link to get to the article! (german only)

Hello everybody! We're back!

Sat. 20.10.2018 - 19:28

Hello everybody! We're back!

Over the past few months, we've been busy to create amazing content for you! We have met a lot of a amazingly talented people and we are lucky to have been able to acquire the artists which we thought would be a perfect fit for our project!

We are thrilled to reveal our progress over the next few weeks! Great times are coming!

In the course of this, we have created a whole new web page, which we are going to fill with content piece by piece as we post it on our Facebook page as well! The english and spanish versions of our site will be there very soon!

We would like to call out a great THANK YOU to everyone who helped us getting here and is still working with us on this project, which means the world to us!

We wish you a great weekend and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the new updates!

Welcome to Gravity Bay

Sat. 21.10.2017 - 09:37

Welcome to our website. Please visit our project section for artworks and informations about our game. Thank you very much for you interest!