Here you can find all digital content for download, summarized at a glance! All downloads are of course free of charge!

The digital rulebook provides all the game rules for Rapture! Please note that the official hardcover rulebook is more comprehensive and contains, among other things, additional scenarios and a large story section!

Download Rulebook English

The Quick Starter Rules include an overview of the most important rules, perfect for getting started in Rapture, as well as optimal as a quick reference book during the game!

Download Quick-Rules English

Always the latest errata to the rules of Rapture summarized in a PDF! Adapted game cards are directly included in the PDF for printing!

Download Rapture Errata

The most frequently asked and most important questions regarding the rules of Rapture summarized in a PDF!

Download Rapture FAQ

You have the miniatures and want to start playing, but you don't have a suitable terrain at hand? Just print them out, glue them together and start playing! For perfect results and stability we recommend the use of paper with a thickness of 300g/m².


Download "Complex"


Download "Casino"


Download "Garage"


Download "Terrain"

Don't have a tape measure handy right now? Then simply use the official Rapture rulers and templates for the most common distances, areas or effect distances. Printed on paper, these are also ideal for measuring curves during movements!

"Ruler-Set (US Legal)"

Download "Ruler-Set (US Legal)"

"Ruler-Set (US Letter)"

Download "Ruler-Set (US Letter)"

"Ruler-Set (DINA3)"

Download "Ruler-Set (DINA3)"

"Ruler-Set (DINA4)"

Download "Ruler-Set (DINA4)"


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