The universe of Rapture offers a profund, intricate and coherent story, which is transmitted thorugh a skirmish tabletop game. The complexity of this universe allows a wide range in difference when it comes to the looks, gameplay and stories of the individual factions which clash against each another due to the most different backgrounds, motivations and origins.

The battles will be carried out by specialized characters of different kinds with various skills. The initiation into the game is very beginner friendly, and with more experience more strategic depth becomes available. The game has proven itself to be thrilling and consequential from the first round to the last.

This is guaranteed by balanced factions and a wide range of possibilities when it comes to winning the game. Quick interactions between the players that occur in the own or the opponents turn, in form of flexible and influencable actions, result in a very dynamic game. The gameplay can be expanded and hightened with many optional rules and addons.

The universe is in constant expansion and allows for new stories, protagonists and occurences to appear.