Here you can find the official Rapture rulebook in digital version, useful tutorial videos as well as a short rule version!


Have a loot at this series of short tutorial videos, which explain the different rules of Rapture and allow a quick introduction to the game.

Part 1: Profile cards and basic rules

You are new to Rapture and do not know where to start? Here is an overview of general rules and of the structure of the profile cards!

Part 2: Basic rules and battle mechanics

How to measure and determine the line of sight of your units? And how does the battle mechanic both in range and close combat work? This video provides the answers!

Part 3: Actions and reactions

What are your units capable of doing during their turn? In this video both actions and reactions are explained!

Part 4: Cover and terrain rules

How does cover work and which different types of cover do exist? Here is an overview of the terrain rules in Rapture!

Here you can download the latest rulebook for Rapture!

The download is free and requires no registration!
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Download English Rulebook

Please note that this is the digital version of the rulebook. The official hardcover rulebook is more comprehensive and contains, among other things, additional scenarios and a large story section.


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The Quick Starter Rules include an overview of the most important rules, perfect for getting started in Rapture, as well as optimal as a quick reference book during the game!

Download Quick Starter Rules


Rapture is available not only in English but also completely in German!

Click here for the German rules!