Sustainability and a responsible handling of the limited resources of our planets are a cause very dear to our hearts. For us, it therefore goes without saying that we place a particular focus on these issues in the production of Rapture.


All of our products, packaging, and accessories are produced in the EU and thus support local small and midsize businesses. This ensures short delivery distances and a fast, straightforward delivery process without long waits and delays that often arise in commerce with the Far East. We additionally see to it that everyone involved works in a safe work environment and receives fair wages. This simultaneously benefits the quality of the finished products, as we can monitor and verify the use of only the best, most recyclable materials and the employment of technically sophisticated manufacturing processes much better within the scope of Europe.

Our playing cards, inlays, and packaging are printed in a local print shop. This saves us long deliveries and facilitates a more personal level of cooperation. Our print shop is climate neutral certified and works 100% with electricity from renewable energies and without the application of chemicals in the production of their printing plates. The paper is FSC®-certified to promote an eco-friendly, socially responsible, and economically sustainable management of forests and consists of recycled material. All printing inks used are non-polluting, plant-based inks.

Our paper products can be reused and recycled without cause for concern at any recycling plant.

Every Rapture miniature is produced by a company in Spain and consists of a homemade resin mixture. The resin allows for a certain elasticity, so that delicate parts don’t just break off and the figurines can even survive a fall from a table – all without compromising their level of detail. Another advantage of this resin is the reusability of the cast parts. If any mistakes or flash occur in the casts, they are reused instead of thrown away like other material would be. The share of waste and residue material in the production of the miniatures is therefore kept to a minimum.

Whenever possible, we try to avoid the use of plastic. In making these decisions, we always seek the perfect balance between the protection of our products and the user friendliness for you, our customers.

This is why some of the figurines are packaged in zipper storage bags instead of sealed in plastic. The zipper bags ensure that you have the right parts of your miniature readily available and don’t have to pick them out of a huge pile of pieces. The bags can then be reused for various game materials (transport and storage of markers, dice, bits, etc.). But if they are not needed, they can be put in recycling as normal, which you can recognize from the recycling symbol on the bag with the Code 4 and the LDPE identification.

Our blister packaging consists of the recyclable material PET-GAG and can therefore be put in resource recovery. Due to their design, they can also be easily removed from their contents and recycled without the accidental inclusion of other material.

For shipping, we use exclusively eco-friendly shipping boxes and bogus paper made from recycled paper. Both can be reused or put in recycling.

We are certified participants of the German dual system “Der grüne Punkt”, which collects used sales packages and obtains raw materials from them. In this way, we take part in the protection of our environment with responsible packaging.

Using our service provider DHL, we ship all packages with DHL GoGreen. DHL thus contributes to the effort to cut down CO2 emissions and deliver the items in the most climate neutral way possible. Furthermore, the program supports projects for environmental

It goes without saying that we will always work with the guiding principle of keeping our ecological footprint to an absolute minimum, and will continue improving and perfecting our processes in this regard in the future.